Always vintage    the coats uncover and project my biographical experience concerning American society. culture. and feminism. Animals    as these furs once were   and humans  share commonalities that dominate and walk among us and not in the most appealing of lights. Our identity     unconsciously     is not only threatened but made. We still maintain an animistic sensibility    a dog eat dog outlook    persistently hunting and warding off predatory personalities whose goal is to consume emotionally. physically.   financially.  sexually. Like clothing     language is something in addition we cannot escape    with messages whose demands are quite vicious.  A valuable item that still maintains such high prestige and a glorified aura     fur coats    even in contemporary society   remain timeless. The woman in fur from one angle is simply a woman wearing expensive fashion. It is not until we perceive experiences and items wholeheartedly that we can be awake to witnessing a deeper meaning.