New York Fashion Week SS17 // eight models over the course of two days went downtown outside of NYFW’s largest venues in the Meatpacking District uninvited. A lack of facial expression, completely silent, breaking into people's spaces in robotic, sedated postures, large bold text driven garments are representation of my personal sentiments towards the world of fashion and American society.   The fashion world has cultivated a very specific way of seeing; creating identities for us before we  have the chance to make them ourselves. The work also confronts the concept of value, and why we place it in the items and things we do. The coats reveal truths, are non-apologetic, and are all heavily layered with meaning. Being the person who turns around and sees a statement on a garment, that already holds so much value, controversy and power in our world, is either so aggravated or exhilarated, that–– that is the point.
georgie07 copy.jpg
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