i am  

i cannot remember due to these

societal clouds that slip into us      mass producing    constructing

our perception  distortion

they are in my waking life stating

“i am 

sexy   slimming   shameful   jealous   angry   on sale

i am on sale 

you are on sale”

fooled placed on repeat 

put a tag on yourself  

and hope you sell nine to five times a week

spoon fed toxicity  

camouflaged injections and   

white wall job titles soaked with false sentiments 

of individuality and meaning 

fluorescent lights put us back in bed  


drowning out insanity with the hopes to feel sane  

lies   a systematic way of being. 

lavish and rich   pale green cheap currency seduces you 

keeping us in a radius of thought        demeaning

no wonder why we are in such a crisis of meaning   

large posters of repeated girls  disintegrate from  sidewalk walls

“you should be like this     dress like that 

you should wear you hair

so men can see your face  

men like to see your face”  

well maybe i want to hide 

from all their toxic air  dare 

me to raise my hand 

leave in the middle of this dinner 

i am 

not what any of these peeling once polished pictures are saying i am

because i have tried with every piece of my being  

to block them  out     they think I should

edit myself?

i do not want their free handouts    sell outs 

as all things that come from them 

come with some sort of price tag 

packaged as my  




why do you all want me to keep this mask on 

when my pores are becoming intoxicated 

and my skin sore  

“you should leave it on you look beautiful”  

processed powders that make a hue 

get applied to my face    but      do not make me beautiful

even I could find the letters that spell lie 

in beautiful.